Give Your Estate to Your Kids

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Your estate should pass to your children, not the tax man

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If you have children or grandchildren under the age of 18, it’s time to consider upgrading your Will to include a Testamentary Trust. Without these legal structures, your loved ones may be required to pay unnecessary tax on your hard-earned assets.

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If you’re looking to hand down property, shares or other gifts which may earn income, you’re potentially exposing the recipients of those gifts to additional tax. One way of avoiding this unnecessary tax leakage is to utilise the power of income streaming.

The Power of Income Streaming

Income streaming works by spreading out the income from your estate across the family, so that the income is taxed at the lower rates of minors and low-income earning adults (such as students). It also means you can take advantage of multiple family members’ tax-free thresholds.

In this way, the income from gifts made under a Will are subject to lower tax brackets than they would be if the income as a whole went to the one recipient.

Fact Scenario

Imagine that Mary is gifted an investment property in her mother’s Will, and that property generates $40,000 p.a in rent. As Mary already earns a salary of $120,000 p.a this will tip her over into a higher tax bracket. Further, if Mary chooses to sell the property she may be subject to additional tax on the capital gain.

Instead, Mary ‘streams’ the additional $40,000 p.a. in rental income equally between her 2 children to take advantage of their lower tax rates. She can save $14,116 in tax per year, every year.

Ten years later, when she finally comes to sell the property for $1M, making a capital gain of $200,000, Mary can similarly ‘stream’ the additional $140,000 income (ie, $40,000 rent + $100,000 capital gain after the 50% CGT discount) equally between the kids, saving $29,606 in unnecessary tax.

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Income streaming is only possible with a special type of trust called a “testamentary discretionary trust” that can only be created under a Will. These trust structures also help to protect your hard-earned assets from creditors and predators where recipients assets are threatened by divorce or bankruptcy.

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