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Is your business looking for investment or partnerships?
This is the document you need.


Hi *name*,

We know that looking for investors can be an exciting and stressful time for new businesses. You want to make your business look as attractive as possible and sometimes that means exposing your business secrets to potential investors and partners.

The problem is that the more people who are given access to your confidential information, the greater the risk of that information being leaked to the wrong people and used against your business.

Luckily, protecting the secrets to your success can be done with just one document called a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA. To learn more about the essential documents your business needs, download our FREE Startups guide:


Do I Need an NDA?

Trust is important in every relationship, business relationships included, but putting a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place need not affect that trust, in fact it has the power to enhance it.  For many investors, the requirement of an NDA is one of the hallmarks of a prudent and professional business person.

If your business is looking for investors here are a few key questions you need to consider:

What information is sensitive to the business?

Consider the key things you might need to disclose to your potential investors. Documents like client lists, sales and marketing strategies, business plans and market research, are all vital elements of your business’s competitive advantage and should be closely guarded.

To whom will that information be disclosed?

Each investor you meet with should be required to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you share any sensitive information. This should also include any partnerships or joint ventures you enter into. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a number of new business owners enter into lengthy and expensive disputes with close friends and family members after failing to safe guard their partnership with the right legal documents.

How will the confidentiality of your information be protected?

Non-Disclosure Agreements are a simple way to quickly and easily mitigate the risk of an investor or partner sharing confidential information. You should however consider, particularly once the deal is done, whether your new business relationship requires a more comprehensive agreement.

Similar to Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements safeguard your confidential information however, Confidentiality Agreements tend to imply a higher degree of secrecy.

Download the free guide for more detail.

Protecting your business need not be an expensive or time consuming process. Download our free guide to learn more about Non-Disclosure Agreements and other startup documents or give us a call for a free consultation with our team.

Have things changed recently? If you’ve been experiencing substantial business growth you should consider conducting a legal health check. Contact us now for a free review of your current documents.