GDPR Compliance

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Is your website liable under new European data protection laws?
The answer might surprise you.


Hi *name*,

You might already be familiar with The General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR‘), a European law that sets out strict online privacy regulations aimed at streamlining data protection. What you might not know is that, while this law was enacted in Europe, it has wide-reaching implications that can catch out unsuspecting Australian businesses.

While these new restrictions came into force in 2018, many Australian businesses still have Website Privacy Policies that are putting them at risk – to learn more, download our FREE guide:


Do I need to be GDPR compliant?

Unlike Australian legislation, the GDPR doesn’t make concessions for small businesses, so regardless of your business size, it is important that you’re aware of your liability under the GDPR. If you’re found to be in breach of these regulations you could be fined the higher of:

  • EUR €20 Million; and
  • 4% of the total worldwide turnover of your business in the preceding financial year.

So how does the GDPR apply to you?

If your business ‘controls’ or ‘processes’ data in relations to offers of goods or services to EU citizens (regardless of whether payment is required) or as a means of monitoring the behaviour of EU citizens, it’s likely you will require a GDPR compliant privacy policy.

Download the free guide for more detail.

Don’t have a Privacy Policy or Website Terms of Use? More and more users are looking for these legal documents as hallmarks of a trustworthy website. Download our guide and contact us for a free consultation to get your website documents up to date.

Already have your legal frame work in place but not sure if it’s GDPR compliant? Contact us now for a free review of your current documents.