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Don’t leave your legals until it’s too late.
We can protect your business today.


Hi *name*,

Recently we’ve been working with many business owners and managers that have skipped past the legal setup of their business – and run into big problems later. That’s why we’re getting in touch to make sure you’re not at risk.

You could be at risk if you…

  • have loaned money to the business and not documented it
  • don’t have a shareholders agreement in place
  • have borrowed or adapted legal documents meant for other businesses.

Without formal documentation, you can open yourself up to expensive legal disputes that have the potential to eat into your success. Unfortunately, many new business owners skip their legal setup at the beginning and suffer the consequences just when they’re reaching their dreams. To learn more about protecting your business, download our FREE guide:


Every new business owner has a to do list a mile long, but getting your legal documents sorted out should be at the top. Protecting your business starts with a few key documents that can grow and change with your business, safeguarding your success from now, right into the future.

Do You Have These Documents?

You’re about to work harder than you ever have before to achieve the vision you have for your business. However, without these key documents, you can’t guarantee that, once you’ve reached success, it won’t be taken away from you. Take the first step toward success with these key legal documents:

Shareholders’ Agreement

The most important contract you’ll ever sign, a Shareholders’ Agreement is a must have for any business with more than one owner. This document will determine how important business decisions are made, how additional capital is raised and how investors will ultimately exit.

Company Secretarial

Certain record-keeping requirements are mandated for all companies by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). Failure to comply can lead to ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) fines as well as potential disputes between investors. While no one likes paperwork, failing to keep your records up to date can cause serious issues down the track.

Confidentiality Agreements

Sometimes referred to as an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement, confidentiality agreements are vital to protecting your business’s intellectual property, client lists and other valuable information. Not only do these agreements protect you legally, they also help you to present yourself as a prudent and professional businessperson to potential investors

Download the free guide for more detail.

Protecting your business from the very start need not be an expensive or time consuming process. Download our free guide to learn more or give us a call for a free consultation with our team.

Already have your legal frame work in place? If you’ve been experiencing substantial business growth you should consider conducting a legal health check. Contact us now for a free review of your current documents.