Introduction to Smarter Drafter

We've created the Smarter Drafter Portal to cover everything from the initial client meeting to the final. signature.

Smarter Drafter is the leading provider of automated legal documents for Australian lawyers. However, Smarter Drafter is more than just a legal drafting tool. It is a cloud-based productivity platform built by lawyers, for lawyers. By switching to Smarter Drafter your firm will significantly cut down the document drafting times, reduce errors, and increase profitability. 

The Smarter Drafter Portal

We've created the Smarter Drafter Portal to ensure you're covered from the initial client meeting to the final signature and beyond. This means you can send your client an instruction-taking form to collect their basic information, draft their document in a matter of minutes, send it to them for electronic signing and then save the final document into their matter file in your Practice Management Software (PMS) or Document Management Software (DMS).

This is what we call true automation, and it's the reason 1,500+ Australian lawyers have put their trust in to Smarter Drafter for over 6 years.

Key Features of the Smarter Drafter Portal

The Smarter Drafter Portal comprises of these features:

  • Home page: this is the screen you're greeted every time you log into your Smarter Drafter account. It serves as a directory to the following areas of the Smarter Drafter Portal.
  • Smart Q&A Forms: the interface for using Smarter Drafter is an intelligent questionnaire that we call a “Smart Q&A Form”. It dynamically adapts to your answers and prompts you for everything needed to complete the document.
  • Document Creation: this is where you'll be spending most of your time. Send your clients instruction-taking forms which pre-populate their basic info into the document which you then assemble using Smarter Drafter's Smart Q&A Forms. Smarter Drafter offers a wide range of automated legal documents across a number of practice areas.
  • Submissions Management: any document that you start, save, or generate will be stored in your Submissions Dashboard. In this dashboard you can view your progress, download, clone, and delete your submissions. Generated documents can also be sent for e-signing or sent to your PMS or DMS.
  • Contacts Database: import and save contacts within Smarter Drafter to automatically fill client details across all Smarter Drafter documents. Sync your contacts from your PMS to ensure you avoid the double-handling of client information.
  • eSignatures: once you have drafted the document for your client, you can send it to them electronic signing. Each Smarter Drafter document is integrated with this future to make signing easy and seamless, but you can also upload your documents for electronic signing.
  • Smart Summary: an AI tool that summarises any legal content, information or document in a matter of seconds. Simply copy and paste the content into the designated text box and let the AI take care of the rest.
  • Account Settings: personalise the Smarter Drafter Portal and documents. Update your Company Details, edit your Email Settings, set up Actions & Notifications (redirection), implement your firm's Branding, apply your firm's look and feel to the Smarter Drafter documents through Document Formatting, manage your embedded Forms (for Professional users only), create Discount Codes (for Professional users only), and set up Integrations with your technology stack.