Sample Scenario: Loan or Loan Facility Agreement

Dive right in, and discover the power of the Smarter Drafter Loan or Loan Facility Agreement firsthand.

Embracing the belief that "the best way to learn is by doing," we have
crafted sample scenarios to provide you with a hands-on experience
that makes learning Smarter Drafter a breeze. 

Download the Sample Scenario

Download the Sample Scenario here.

How it works

We’ve created a Sample Scenario for the Smarter Drafter Loan or Loan
Facility Agreement (click here to go directly to the precedent).

Work through the sample set of client instructions and complete the Smart Q&A

Once you’ve completed the form you can generate the client facing
document. Review the document in either PDF or MS Word to become
familiar with the types of clauses automated with Smarter Drafter.

Note: Most clients start to become more comfortable with using Smarter Drafter after running 5 test documents, so why not change each case study slightly and run another submission or use some of the client’s details to create a different document?