How do I add or remove team members?

If you’re an account owner you will have access to the “My Team” settings in the sidebar. The “My Team” settings allow you to add and remove users from your account.

To do this, navigate to the sidebar and select “My Team”. From here you will be able to view all users who have access to your subscription.

Adding Users:

To add a new user, go to “Add Group Member” and enter your team member’s first name, last name, and email address then click “Add Member”. Your new team member will be sent an email with a link to confirm their account and set a new password.

If a team member has not yet confirmed their account they will show up as invited under the “Group Member” panel. If you believe the team member has not received their invite, you can resend it by finding their name in the “Group Members” Panel and clicking “Resend Invite” under “Actions”

*It’s important to note that you are limited to a total of 20 users per subscription. If you would like to increase your maximum number of users, please contact us at

Removing Users:

To remove a user from your account find their name under the “Group Member” panel and click “Remove from Group”. Be mindful that clicking “Remove from Group” will immediately cancel the group member’s access to Smarter Drafter.